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As Auditor, Dalton has always been a staunch champion for fair and open elections. She has never failed in her duties all the while working to protect voter information and implementing improvements in Spokane County government through innovation, experience and her unchallenged integrity. We, the following, support her re-election as Spokane County Auditor.

Vicky has assured our election security in Spokane for many years. She is a professional who understands the state wide system to insure elections are fair and accurate. — Carol Allen
Auditor Vicky Dalton is ONE SOLID ROCK for "integrity at the County Election office". I have volunteered at the ballot counting and there is NOTHING BUT HONEST AND UPRIGHT ELECTION COUNTING !!! We are happy to endorse an honest auditor instead of some shim sham with no experience in this area. Re-Elect Vicky Dalton for Spokane County Auditor !!!!! Jan Baker & JoAnne Bailey — Jan Baker
I have known Vickie Dalton for nearly 40 years and worked with her for 20 years. I value her expertise, honesty and practicality. I believe Spokane County needs her and I am proud to endorse her for County Auditor. — Phillip Barto
Construction Engineer
She has never let our community down in all the years in the position and will continue to provide us with her straightforward honesty and answers. Thank you for your service and knowledge!! — Alexandra Biggs
Vicky Dalton has demonstrated time and again that she is dedicated to administering transparent, accurate, and fair elections. Vicky is organized, responsive, detail-orientated, and exactly the kind of person you want to be running a county auditor's office. She has my full and enthusiastic endorsement! — Andy Billig
Day to day and year to year Spokane County Auditor Vicky Dalton has served the citizens of the county with efficiency, integrity, and thoroughness across the array of responsibilities of this office. Her outstanding leadership of her team ensures that records are properly kept, elections, from registration to vote counting and reporting, administration of licensing for vehicle and marriage licensing and records are accurate and secure. We are well served by Vicky Dalton and her leadership of the Spokane County Auditor's Office. Retain Vicky Dalton as Spokane County Auditor. — Neal & Tiina Buckaloo
I heartily endorse Vicky Dalton as our County Auditor to continue the work she has always done to keep our elections safe and accurate. We are privileged to have her in charge of an office quietly operating to maintain this vital system helping to maintain democracy. No one could do it better than Vicky Dalton! — Sandra Buss
While serving the United States abroad, I counted on Auditor Vicky Dalton to protect and ensure my right to vote at home. Vicky has the experience and training to ensure that the Office of the Spokane County Auditor continues to properly record our votes, our property, and our marriages. There is no credible challenger! — Carmela Conroy
U.S. Consul General, Retired
Vicky Dalton has my endorsement. Vicky is an excellent Auditor, the Auditor we need at a time elections are being challenged. She protects our Democracy by making sure each vote counts. She has developed the safest way to see that our voting is safe and we have the confidence each vote is protected and counted for the candidate intended. — Dennis Dellwo
Vicky Dalton is an outstanding, detail-oriented auditor. She is known and trusted for running true and fair elections, as well as a myriad of other responsibilities. — Elliot Fabric
Vicki has done an exemplary job over the years as Spokane County Auditor. Only thing better would be at the state level, but we would hate to lose her from here. I am so happy she decided not to retire at this time. We really need her expertise and supervision of the staff and volunteers in that office. Her calm, honest, non-partisan approach to her duties is a breath of fresh air in these contentious times. — Sydney Fowler
After being able to observe the ballot counting in person, I was extremely impressed with how efficiently and carefully the process happened. I am proud of what Vicky Dalton has done to make Spokane an example of superb process. — Shirley Grossman
This is such an important job, and critical that we get Vicki re-elected. She is highly qualified, has been doing an amazing job, and has grit and integrity. — Petra Hoy
For 20 years as Spokane County's Auditor, overseeing elections, keeping vital records and  general financial oversight of the County's books, Vicky Dalton has been a professional, unbiased, non-partisan and highly TRUSTED elected official.  She has my confidence and my vote.  — Carol Landa-McVicker
As closely involved with the Spokane County elections process, we can enthusiastically attest to the integrity and efficiency with which Vicky Dalton administers the whole election process. This is especially important for the preservation of our democracy in this day and age! — Norm and Roz Luther
We have been privileged to have as Spokane County's Auditor, one so strong and capable as Ms Dalton. She is a no-nonsense public servant and we can rely on her integrity in every action. — Barbara Marney
“I have known Auditor Dalton for over 20 years in a couple of my elected capacities. She is an honest and straightforward leader. Spokane County is lucky to have someone of her caliber of integrity and proven leadership.” — Pat McCarthy
Vicki Dalton has my full confidence that our elections in Spokane County are accurate and in her good hands will stay that way in the future. — Alan McCoy
Vicky has been an asset to our county from day one. We are fortunate to have someone with her dedication and expertise as our county auditor. — Cheri Moore
Vicky has been doing a great job for over 20 years. — John Moore
Ms. Dalton is the gold standard for her profession. — Jim Murphy
Superior court judge (ret)
I served on the SNAP Board with Vicky Dalton for six years. During that time, I found her to be intelligent, informed, and committed to serving all residents of our community. We need public servants who have our community's best interests in mind. I support the re-election of Vicky Dalton as our Auditor. — Mary Collins Murphy
Our county is indeed fortunate to have a well-qualified elections administrator like Vicky Dalton serving as County Auditor. She conducts her office with integrity and a commitment to excellence to the benefit of all of our county's citizens. — Mark & Judy Newbold
Vicky Dalton has made sure our elections are fair and smoothly run. She has been a no-nonsense election pro helping our county enjoy easy, transparent, fair, accurate elections. We all benefit from her expertise. — Dr. E. O'Halloran
As a past volunteer to assist with monitoring elections I can say from experience that our County and State All Mail elections are Bullet Proof. — Dr John A Olsen
CHEFGUS Shalom Ministries/House of Charity
Auditor Vicki is a most remarkable talented, dedicated, honest, public servant.. All of her actions over her tenure deserve note, respect, and deep appreciation. — John Olsen
I worked extensively with Vicky Dalton for the twelve years I was Secretary of State. I am deeply impressed with her dedication to working in a bipartisan way to have secure and accessible elections. — Sam Reed
Secretary of State, 2001-2013
The Auditor has many duties and Vicky Dalton has consistently demonstrated the leadership and integrity we need. At a time when elections are more important and complicated than ever, we need Vicky Dalton continue to put her skills and experience to work to ensure our sacred democratic process remains trusted and protected in our community. I wholeheartedly endorse Vicky Dalton for Spokane County Auditor. — Marcus Riccelli, 3rd District
State Representative
Let's keep our elections process NON PARTISAN in Washington State! Vicky Dalton is a strong independent leader, not subject to political influences, but committed to ensure every registered voter gets to cast a vote in free & fair elections! She has my vote! — Kate Robbins
Vicki's flawless conduct over more than 20 years speaks for itself. No one is more qualified for the job of Spokane County Auditor. — Su and Terry Sawyer
I have known Vicky Dalton for quite some time. Her dedication to detail and work ethic have been exemplary. — Bradley Shern
Spokane County has been fortunate to have had Vicky as Auditor for over 20 years. Accurate and rapid election returns, as attested by numerous unflawed recounts; an administrator with professional CPA credentials and exemplary ability, she has guided her office to a reputation for thorough and courteous citizen service; her honesty and integrity are unblemished. — Bill Siems
Research Professor of Chemistry (WSU), retired
Vicki Dalton has earned our trust and vote. — Jim Sweetser
Vicky works tireless for all of us in Spokane County to make voting easy and accessible for all. I trust her completely. — Kate Telis
Community member
Ms. Dalton has done an excellent job of assuring that voting has been run efficiently and correctly. In this time of mis-information over voting, it is important that we support those who have the knowledge, skills and integrity to manage the process. — Bernadine Thompson
Having worked for Spokane County Elections, I am proud to have had Vicky Dalton as our leader.  Votes are secure. Her team is professional.  We need her leadership for continued safe and secure voting! — Suzanne Thompson
In the midst of the calumny we experience daily, Vicki Dalton has always walked the straight line of honesty. She has earned our trust and support over many years. — Jan Wigen
I am very impressed with Vicki’s integrity, work ethic and communication skills. In these difficult political times Vicky conducts herself with grace and professionalism! I highly endorse Vicky Dalton for county auditor! — Len Zickler
Real Estate Advisor


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Spokane Regional Labor Council
North East Washington and North Idaho Building Trades Council

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